Altered States

Dancing Landscapes with Chloe [FULL]

Free your body with Dancing Landscapes; an embodied exploration with guided facilitation by movement artist, Chloe. A space to let the body speak before the mind.

Practice listening to your bodily impulses, increase your spatial awareness, and come into your kinesthetic knowledge.

All levels are welcome.

Meet your guide

Chloe C. Chotrani. Movement Artist & Facilitator. Somatic Practitioner.

Chloe spent her youth deep in the underground dance scene of Metro Manila, where she found liberation through dancing in communal spaces. Her healing journey brought her to now focus on the sacred movement arts and trauma sensitivity. She has performed professionally in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.

Currently, Chloe is a somatic practitioner with Soma Clinic, where she offers somatic trauma touch therapy. In varied spaces, she facilitates movement classes, ceremonies, and collaborates with other disciplines to experiment and contemplate through playing with space and time. When she's not dancing, Chloe works at an urban farm giving nature tours and continues to deepen her relationship with the land.