Altered States

Dancing Landscapes with Chloe

Free your body

Dancing Landscapes is an embodied exploration with guided facilitation by movement artist, Chloe. A space to let your body speak before your mind.

We'll warm up with gentle stretches to open up your joints and gateways, followed by full-bodied (both functional and playful) movement prompts to expand your body's vocabulary, and closing with time to improvise freely. There is no choreography.

This practice invites you to listen to your bodily impulses, increase your spatial awareness, build a deeper relationship with your body, and come into your kinesthetic knowledge. All levels, abilities, and bodies are welcome.

Theme: Fluid Spine (9-30 March)

This March, we are diving deep into the theme, 'Fluid Spine'. Join us as we work progressively every week with a supportive steady group. We will learn tools that you can bring home to have a healthy and holistic approach to movement.

We will each get to know our own bodies deeper by understanding, expanding, and strengthening our range of motion. Creating space in the spine as you loosen tension, and allowing that to ripple throughout your body. With curiosity and exploration, we come back weekly to learn different forms of undulations and waves, as we enter this flow state together.

9, 16, 23, 30 March (6:15PM or 8:15PM)

Meet your guide

Chloe C. Chotrani. Movement Artist & Facilitator. Somatic Practitioner.

Chloe spent her youth deep in the underground dance scene of Metro Manila, where she found liberation through dancing in communal spaces. Her healing journey brought her to now focus on the sacred movement arts and trauma sensitivity. She has performed professionally in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.

Currently, Chloe is a Somatic Practitioner with Soma Clinic, offering somatic trauma touch therapy. While continuing to co-create and activate spaces for ceremony, dance, healing, and multi-sensory experiences centered on communal care. Alongside, Chloe works with an urban farm and continues to deepen her relationship with the land. Connect with her on Instagram @chloe.anima or through her website