Altered States

Sound Bath with Amanda

Living with the blurred boundaries of WFH, being unable to travel, and prolonged uncertainty; many of us may be feeling like we’ve seen better days.

Take time for yourself to recover, reflect, and release with a Sound Meditation, facilitated by Amanda Ling.

Featuring live instruments, vocals, and ancient singing bowls, you'll go on a journey inwards — through the complex harmonies and textures of healing music, to the quieter sound waves and harmonic overtones of the bowls.

Your experience will also include simple, guided toning, consciously using your breath and voice to feel the vibrations within.

Meet your guide

Amanda Ling, founder of Align Origins Holistic Wellness, is a sound healing practitioner, an established musician/DJ and a certified consultant in the KonMari Method™️ of Tidying.

She provides professional quality-based complementary healing services and facilitates workshops in modalities in sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, soundscape meditations, music collaborations, decluttering and tidying consultations in the KonMari Method™️.

She guides each individual with compassionate support through their experiences and journey, empowering and aligning their health and wellness towards living a meaningful and purposeful life.