Altered States

Soundscape Meditation with Jean & Elfe

Join us on an audio excursion into your consciousness — explore the nuances of wakefulness, dream states and everything in between.

The evening will begin with guided breathwork and meditation. You'll then embark on a deep listening journey through live instrumental music and monaural beats layered with ambient and nature sounds.

Afterwards, rehydrate with caffeine-free herbal brews from our tea partner, Tchi.

Meet your guide

Producer and Sound Curator Jean Reiki has assumed another recording alias, Mind of the Cosmos, to create a new catalogue of consciousness-shifting work through 3D field recording, improvisation and sonic experiments.

She will be assisted by Elfe Reyany, an Expressionist artist who creates avant-garde, monochromatic artwork deeply influenced by the idea of exploring the unconscious. Elfe conveys the sounds that inspired her journey.