Ground Crew (Part Time/Full Time)

We're looking for someone who's willing to get their hands salty and join our quest to elevate consciousness.

As a float club crew, you'll be helping people live better, gaining valuable experience in the wellness industry, and upholding high standards of hospitality.

Your role is dynamic; it will take you from facilitating floats at the front desk, to behind-the-scenes maintenance of a float centre. To enjoy the journey, you should be a truth seeker yourself.
Minimum 3 shifts a week (including Sat/Sun).
Each shift is 6-6.5 hours, starting at 10:30am/3:30pm on weekdays, and 8:30am/3pm on weekends.

Part time from $12-$15/hour, with a minimum of six months commitment.
Full time position also available, from $2,000.

To apply, please email your resume and photo of yourself, to hello @

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